Training  Sessions Available for 2019

Social Media Relations and Law

Understanding the impact, importance and developing law of social media

[#for everyone!]


Media - the innerworkings

How the media operate and rules of engagement

[for organisations and professional advisers]


Reputation and Brand Management

Understanding the importance and workings

[for individuals, organisations and professional advisers]



Developing and managing messages

[for internal , external, corporate comms and investor relations]


Media handling

How it works and how to work it .

[for all who engage or need to engage with the media]


S**t happens

Crisis communications and reputation mitigation/rebuild strategies


Legal media relations

(1) For law firms

(2) For your clients

[for law firms who realise the importance for them and their clients]


For a full listing of available training or to request specific training please get in contact. Training also available in German language.

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